I'm Steph, a Welsh digital designer in London.

That's me in sunglasses, just below. Hiya!

Who's that girl?

I'm originally from Cardiff, but after receiving my first-class honours degree in Graphic Design I packed my bags and made the move to London.

I'm currently a Senior Digital Designer at CACI Ltd based in West Kensington, London. I create lots of interesting work for well-known brands such as Channel Four, Chelsea Football Club and The O2. I'm a web designer at heart but I also have a keen interest in animation and UI design.

When I'm not in work mode I'm most often out on my bike around South East England, running along The Thames, swimming outdoors somewhere questionable or relaxing after a combination of the above with a gin in Crystal Palace.

I'm always up for a natter whether it's about design, swimming or even that small-batch gin your mum's friend's brother raves so much about, so feel free to pop me a tweet if you fancy! Or of course you can always email me.

Here to nosey at my work?

Most of my projects can be found on my Behance page. I try to upload everything I can to this page, so make sure you 'like' my page so you can keep updated!

Bloggin' every day

I have two blogs, the first is a lovely daily photography blog where I upload a photo and a small description of my day each and every single day. I'm by no means a professional photographer, but I think it makes me keep my creative hat on at all times, and it's so wonderful to look back on. Like that time I fell in love with tiny ponies or when I got a seal of approval.

I've had this blog since January '11 and posted over 1,700 photos to date. My current everyday streak is still running from July 2015, it's too late to back out now!

My second blog is more of a design workspace, where I post about projects I'm working on, photography from trips, and occasional ramblings.

I've had this blog for a number of years and the content has changed over time, but the current project I'm working on it a animated alphabet to improve my After Effects skills. I'm always open to C&C so make sure you chat on Twitter if you do have any!

Fancy a natter?

If you want to say hi, your best bet is to catch me on Twitter. I'm also on Instagram if that's your jam.

Chat soon!

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